We believe that flexibility is key; therefore we are happy to help with any fuel, oil or lubrication related requirements. We guarantee to supply only the highest quality fuels and lubricants on time, every time. Top-quality tools and machinery require the highest-quality oils and lubricants to keep them operating at their best which is why we only sell the best.

Target Markets • Commercial Transport/Fleet • Manufacturing and Processing • Mining • Agriculture/Farming • Civil Engineering/Construction • Government • Parastatals

Industry Processes

Bulk Fuel Supply

We supply diesel, petrol and lubricants as a wholesaler to bulk fuel end-users. These fuels and lubricants can be delivered same-day or next-day, supplied in bulk or by barrels, with us you get a fast and reliable nationwide delivery service every time.

Fuel Transportation

We offer fuel transportation services through partnership with reliable third-party fuel transportation companies, who are skilled in this application and are recommended by our fuel suppliers. All third-party trucks used by us are all HAZCHEM compliant, ensuring safe delivery and minimal environmental impact.

Our Unleaded Petrol is suitable to use in all spark-ignition internal combustion engines which are required to use Unleaded Petrol.

RTM’s Diesel can be used for any high-speed compression ignition diesel found in commercial vehicles, heavy equipment; and stationary and locomotive engines. /vc_column_text]

Affordable source of energy with multiple uses – Highly refined, light/middle distillate, hydrocarbon fuel performance formulated for clean burning, with minimum charring and optimum performance.